Safety concern


Will GTLS affect our health?

Some will worry about the radioactive nature of GTLS, but based on calculations and nature of GTLS, GTLS are very safe to use.

Tritium gas filled inside GTLS is a very weak Beta (electron) emitter. The maximum energy of the Beta particle is just around 18 Kev. The Energy of these particles is very weak compare to other radioactive sources. These low energy Beta particles can be stopped with just a thin layer of paper and can only travel few mm in the air.

These particles cannot penetrate human skin.

Also, the amount of radiation inside a GTLS equipped watch is very limited.
In theoretical case, if we break all the GTLS inside a watch (Activity ~ 1GBq), and inhale 100% of the tritium gas contain inside, the dose that we received is more or less equal to one day of extra background radiation we receive every day.

In fact, the tritium gas is very light and will diffuse very quickly in the air once released from GTLS. Even if we break all GTLS inside the watch in the same time, the possible inhale rate is around 35% of the total tritium gas.