1. Who is the supplier of our GTLS tubes?
  2. All of our GTLS tubes are made by the leading tritium tube manufacturer in Switzerland, mb microtec. The source is same as some famous brand like Ball watch and Luminox.

  3. Do we need to apply the license for importation of GTLS watches?
  4. Some countries will need a specific license from Government to import GTLS watches. Please feel free to check with us whether you need a license in your country or not.

  5. Which country cannot import GTLS watches?
  6. We cannot import GTLS watches to France.

  7. What does T25 wrote on the dial of GTLS watch means?
  8. T25 is the limitation of radiation contain inside a GTLS watch. For a T25 watch, the radioactivity is equal or less than 25mCi or 1 GBq.

  9. Which countries can import T100 watch?
  10. T100 watch can only be imported to USA.
    Other countries only allow T25 watches.

  11. Do KEYTIME sell GTLS parts?
  12. According the ordinance of Hong Kong Radiation Board, we cannot sell or transfer GTLS parts to parties without a suitable license.
    We can only export complete GTLS watches from our workshop.

  13. Can we produce Swiss made GTLS watches?
  14. Yes, we have partner in Switzerland to provide this service.
    Please contact us for more information.