Introduction of GTLS


GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Sources) is a “All-the-time-glowing” light sources. Unlike other traditional light sources, GTLS do not need any external battery, charging of light or maintaining, they are guaranteed to glow up all the time. They are 100 times brighter than other sources comparable in watches.

The radioactivity of tritium will be halved after 12.5 years. The brightness of GTLS, however, drops around 10-15% per year. The life of a GTLS can therefore as long as 25 years!

GTLS is a tiny glass vessel filled with Tritium gas, while the inner layer of glass vessel is coated with a very thin layer of Phosphorescent powder. Tritium gas filled inside is a weak radioactive source. Tritium will continuously generate low energy Beta particle (electron) during decay, these particles will energize the Phosphorescent powder which grant it ability to glow up all the time.